Welcome to Our Practice!

St Annes Vets


Our practice was established in Eastbourne in 1946. It is jointly owned and run by the three partners, Aled Thomas, Hetty Pullen and Simon DeVile. They are assisted by seven additional veterinary surgeons and a team of veterinary nurses and support staff. The main surgery is at 6 St. Anne’s Road, Eastbourne, with branches at Langney, Willingdon and East Dean. We also run a home visit service 'My Visiting Vet' and can see you at home when necessary. We are accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a Tier 2 Veterinary Nurse Training and Assessment Practice. Thank you for showing an interest in our practice. To find out more please explore this website, come and see us at any of the branches and talk to one of our reception staff, or telephone Eastbourne 640011. With prior arrangement we are always happy to show people around the practice.

Core Values

St Anne's veterinary care helps people get the most enjoyment from the special relationship they have with their pet.

Education - We believe in bringing the best possible veterinary care to our patients by continuing to educate ourselves and our pet owners.

Empathy - We understand how our owners feel because we are pet owners too and will care for yours as we care for our own.

Teamwork - Our team of vets, nurses, receptionists and support staff work with pet owners to deliver exceptional veterinary care.

Service - Our aim is to provide a level of service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

How to Use Us

Consultations are by appointment only, but there will always be an appointment available when your pet is unwell. To help us to help you please telephone Eastbourne 640011 as soon as possible after 8 am Monday to Saturday and after 9 am on a Sunday. We believe strongly in providing continuity of care and will, when possible, make you an appointment with the vet of your choice.

Consulting Times

During the week we are open at the St. Anne’s Road surgery between 8 am and 7pm with routine consultations available all day between 9 am and 7 pm. On Saturdays we are open between 8 am and 4pm and there is a morning and afternoon surgery. On Sundays we see all necessary appointments from 10am until 12 pm. Please always telephone for an appointment before attending. Our appointment system reduces waiting times and means your pet is not subjected to the stress of a crowded waiting room.

For your convenience appointments can be made for any of our branch surgeries by calling Eastbourne 640011. Langney surgery is open 9-12 pm and 2.00 -7pm weekdays, and 9-11am Saturday mornings. Willingdon surgery is open 9-12 pm, 2-7 pm weekdays. At East Dean appointments can be made every afternoon between 2.20 and 3.30 pm.

Consultations are available at all of our surgeries but we only operate or perform anaesthetics at St. Anne’s Road. This reduces the travelling time for our clients and their pets for routine consultations, whilst ensuring that any surgical procedures are carried out under optimum conditions at our main centre.

Home Visits

We realise that there are occasions when clients prefer not to bring their pet to a surgery and would prefer the less stressful alternative of a home visit. Our team of vets and nurses are always happy to visit you at home. Our 'Visiting Vet' service makes it easier for clients to access our superb veterinary care at an affordable price.

If pet owners book ahead for home visits, we can group together visits in close proximity and reduce the travel time, thus reducing the cost. Please follow the link to the right of the page to find out more about this service.

Our ambulance is also available to collect and return animals when required. Please telephone Eastbourne 640011 for advice on the best way we can help you and your pet.