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» Airbourne -not everyone enjoys it!

So Airbourne is upon us once again here in Eastbourne, meaning there will be lots of dogs extremely stressed from the sounds of the planes and the finale fireworks. There are so many things we can do to help them through the experience.

Having the TV or radio on to drown out the sound will help, make a den for them to go in if they wish, so they feel safe. There is now a product that can be given when the sound is happening, which has no sedative effects and can be repeated every few hours. Also dogs have been learning with this product, meaning they learn to be less afraid of these sounds because their body is telling them not to react. So not is it just a short term solution, but it can be a long term solution too!

It is a prescription only medication so you do have to see a vet before having it, but if it works for the aeroplanes then we can prescribe more!

Tight fitting shirts like Thunder Shirts can also help, making the dogs feel more secure. We wouldn’t recommend taking a dog to the air show or fireworks.

The use of sedatives are thankfully pretty much a thing of the past.

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