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» Bonfire Night Needn't be a Nightmare!

Bonfire night is something that many pet owners dread every year, with lots of dogs especially getting very anxious and distressed, but it doesn't need to be that way! There are so many products that are available now. Many of which do not even require you to see a vet.
Are you seeing any of these signs in your dog whilst fireworks are going off?
Being clingy
Excessively barking
Unusual toileting
Pacing about and panting
Refusing to eat
Cowering and hiding
These are all signs of anxiety and you may only see one or two of them. Turning up the TV or radio to drown out the sound can help, have windows shut and curtains pulled closed. Creating a 'den' or place of safety where they can go and feel secure can really help. If you're going to try a dog appeasing pheromone then that is where you want to have that plugged in, although they come in collars too which are really useful. There are natural oral medication that can be given at the time of fireworks and don't require you to start using the product a week or so before the event.
A new product launched this year which is only available through seeing the vet is something that is given orally and prevents the dog becoming anxious. It isn't a sedative and has no drowsy effects.
Placing a tight fitting t shirt to your dog can help them feel more secure and less worried about noises such as fireworks or thunder. It is important to never scold your pet for being worried or upset by such noises.
Cats should be kept inside until after the fireworks are over as they can bolt when they hear bangs and run across roads with no consideration or care.
If you would like to know more about what would work best for you and your pets to take the stress out of bonfire night then give us a call and we can talk you through it.
Menna Field

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