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» Christmas

There are only 3 sleeps until Christmas and we were barely into December before we were having to treat the kind of problems that Christmas brings us!

Chocolate poisonings, Christmas cake toxicity and eating decorations! Christmas time means chocolates and things that aren't usually as available are lying around in easy reach, mince pies, turkey bones, high fat food and so much more! Anything with vine fruits in can cause renal failure, even one grape/sultana etc is enough to damage their kidneys. So quick treatment is very important! Chocolate toxicity is something we deal with every year. It is the theobromine in the chocolate that is toxic, this is found in the cocoa. Therefore dark chocolate is the most toxic. White chocolate only contains cocoa butter and therefore only traces of theobromine, it does however contain far more fat and so therefore can cause pancreatitis and gastric issues. Chocolate poisoning can cause vomiting, heart problems ans seizures.

Poinsettias have a bad name for being more toxic than they actually are, like eating any plant, it can cause gastric issues and if it comes in contact with their skin it can cause dermatitis and skin irritation, this is the same with carnations. Never give your pet a cooked meat bones, they are likely to splinter and can cause life threatening problems. Christmas trees aren't toxic but the needles are sharp and can cause issues if ingested, especially in large quantities. Make sure that you keep edible presents out of pets reach and not under the Christmas tree, just waiting for your pets to find them. Salt dough decorations are a cute and personal touch to any tree or house over Christmas but there have been cases of dogs and cats ingesting them and becoming extremely ill with salt toxicity, which can be life threatening!

Something that usually get consumed by enthusiastic dogs at Christmas are the little silica gel packets that absorb moisture from a whole host of things. They are labeled 'DO NOT EAT' but will not cause any problem to your pet if consumed, only if they have consumed enough to cause an obstruction.

Vets Now will be covering Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day, if you are worried about your pet still call 01323 640011 and you will be advised on what you need to do.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at St. Anne's!

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