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» Considering Castration?

Not sure whether to get your dog castrated? Here we will talk about why you should! There are several advantages of castrating one of those being straying; males can detect a female in season from a considerable distance. This can lead to futile attempts to get your dog back on the lead if out or they may even try to escape from your garden. Mounting isn't always the nicest thing to have to watch as your furniture, soft toys and visitors become victims! Early castration will prevent this from becoming a habit.

Neutering your pets can help reduce temperament issues; un-neutered pets are likely to be more sensitive to alterations in their environment (such as other pets or children) and can cause unwelcome aggressive episodes. Hormones being released can lead to a dog wanting to be dominant over others both in the household and outside. Removing the hormones can also help with obedience too when having that distraction taken away!

Some larger dogs if left un-neutered can become excessively strong. Castrating them before they're a year old can reduce muscle bulk and make them more manageable. An important advantage is that without testes there can be no testicular cancer. Many of you will be familiar with prostate disease or prostate cancer, by having your dog castrated at an early age you prevent them from getting it. Castrating at a more mature age will reduce but not prevent the risk.

Anal adenomas and anal and tail gland hyperplasia are also common in un-neutered male dogs. The incidence of these conditions can be greatly reduced by castrating. Occasionally we see patients where the testicles haven't descended and are still in the abdomen, we would always recommend removing them still because these can also become cancerous. At St. Anne's we always believe prevention is better than cure.

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