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» Fight the Firework Fear


Firework season is definitely upon us and for many pets and owners it is quite a stressful time too. But we are here to help! There are so many ways we can make it a little less scary. Preparation is the key, walk dogs before dusk and shut the cat’s cat flap before dark so they’re inside, safe and sound. Shut windows and curtains to try and reduce the noise as much as possible. Create plenty of ‘white noise’ by turning up the TV or the radio.


Make sure they have a safe den to go in; in a room they enjoy spending time in. Thundershirts are tight fitting shirts that can be purchased for cats and dogs. These can give them the feeling of security. Try not to comfort them if they’re upset, this usually reinforces that they should be scared of fireworks. I know it’s really hard, it’s our natural reaction to want to comfort our gorgeous furbabies, but you are helping them in the long run, I promise you.


There are lots of things you can get over the counter such as pheromones, Feliway for cats should be started a few days before the event – this contains the facial pheromone to help them feel more relaxed. Adaptil for dogs is the synthetic copy of the pheromone that the mother gives out to her puppies, this comes in a spray; plug in, collar and tablet. There are natural oral alternatives such as Zylkene or Calmex which should be started 24-48 hours before the event.



Launched last year is a new prescription product that is oral but stops dogs being scared and with no sedative effects. Another plus is the fact that you can give the treatment when the fearful event is happening, so you don’t need to plan ahead so much – just make sure you have some!! We got really good feedback on this product last year so definitely give it a call if you’re interested in trying it!


Rabbits and other small furries get scared very easily and rabbits have even known to have died from fright when fireworks have been set off near them. If you can bring their hutch inside then do, alternatively you could bring them inside in a box as long as they have somewhere to hide. If your rabbit is used to being handled and enjoys it, then feel free to comfort them. And as before making sure that you have the windows shut and the TV turned up.

If you want to know more about it, please call 01323 640011 and we can go through what option is best for your pet.


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