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» Happy New Year - 2017 - an exciting year!

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 promises to be an exciting year for St. Annes and for our lovely clients. We are hoping to be having reception and dispensary back downstairs and I had a look around the other day when the builders left and it looks amazing! I have worked at St. Anne's for over 13 years and I knew every inch of the practice with it being my second home and I can barely recognise the place! The reception and dispensary are looking so sleek and modern with everything they need right at their finger tips. Having things purpose built will only be able to help us run even an even smoother service.

Our theatre looks like the kind of state of the art theatres that you see on theatre, everything to improve the care with give to our patients and increase ease of keeping it clean and sterile. We now have piped oxygen for our anaesthetic machines instead of oxygen cylinders which were disinfected throughout each day but without them we have more space and its something less to clean.

We have a state of the art tub table for our dental theatre with better equipment which again offers your pets better treatment. We have a larger lab to give us more room for the machines, along with our more recent training. Which has given us the knowledge to be able to get more information about blood and urine samples in practice, giving us even more information about our patients.

We've invested in lots of expensive and useful equipment in the last year or so which has allowed us to treat patients in practice that would have before had to be seen by a specialist, therefore saving our clients money. In cases such as our small video endoscope where we have removed fish hooks, blades of grass for example. Then there is the ophthalmic equipment which has helped Hetty remove foreign bodies that before we wouldn't have known were there.

Our feline patients are already enjoying the cat pods, cat music, cat colours, feline pheromones and the sound proof doors separating them from the dogs.

We missed our client evenings last year so are busy planning this years evenings and topics!

This is very very exciting, we can't wait to show you around the new practice! We just want to provide the best care for our patients, like they all deserve!

Menna Field

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