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» Healthy New Year
Now that we're near the end of January and we're over the new year, new me resolutions that have mostly been broken, it's time to look at realistic goals.

Do you want to make sure your pet is healthy, flea, worm and tick free, fully vaccinated and still save money? If that is a resounding yes, then you need to join the hundreds of other pet owners on our pet healthcare plan. You sign up for a direct debit and get vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, nail clips and a healthcare check every 6 months. And you can get 10% off other treatments and items too! For more information click here!

Living in Eastbourne we are so lucky to be surrounded by plenty of beautiful walks on the beach and downs. In the last couple of weeks another dog has fallen from Beachy Head, we would remind owners to please keep dogs on a lead up there. No matter how well trained, any dog can be caught up in the moment and chase a seagull as in the most recent case. With so much beauty to see it makes sense to share it with our canine buddies! You don't have to become a fitness freak like Simon and start running marathons, but small changes can be made to improve yours and your pets health. 36% of pets are overweight and yet 70% of pet owners say their pet has never been overweight. Selecting a new walk each weekend is a great way to explore the area and get in more exercise, which is one of the top reasons for obesity in pets.

Did you know at St. Anne's we run FREE nurse weight clinics? We are here to talk to you about your pets weight, why your pet might be overweight and what changes we can make to get them back in shape. Obesity puts more pressure on the animals joints, their heart and organs have to work harder. We've all been there, we are in this job because we love animals and we're not immune to 'those eyes'! It is hard work, but it's about training yourself and them that something else is a reward, more cuddles or a ball or a catnip toy.

There's so much you can do that won't cost a penny but could add years to yours and your pets lives. And we want to help you achieve it, why not turn it into a way to have more family time by walking together.

Please call 01323 640011 if you want more information on this.


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