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# TeamVet

The British Veterinary Association and the British Veterinary Nursing Association have launched a new campaign to bring the veterinary family closer together. The ‘I support team vet’ campaign has been launched in the wake of last year’s Brexit outcome.
Around 50% of EU veterinary graduates are registering to work in the UK veterinary profession each year, so you can see how much we rely on these overseas professionals. This campaign comes after more than 7 months of lobbying by the BVA and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to ensure that our profession’s priorities are on the UK Government agenda with the forth coming Brexit negotiations.

BVA President Gudrun Ravetz said: “Brexit has brought issues like the value of the veterinary team and work force into sharp focus. At this time, it has never been more important for the veterinary family to pull together, and emphasise the invaluable contribution that veterinary teams across the UK make across all areas of veterinary science, including the fields of animal health and welfare, animal disease surveillance, scientific research and education, wildlife conservation and public health and food safety.”

Veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and veterinary support staff, clients and general public are encouraged to support this cause by wearing badges that can be collected from the surgery or you can email at get yours sent to you free of charge!

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Being a Veterinary Surgeon or Veterinary Nurse connects all of us in the profession across the world. There are many forums in which we can discuss cases with our peers, sharing the knowledge and experiences of hundreds of thousands of people. Because we do take cases home with us, we want to get our patients better and if the diagnosis eludes us, we cannot let it rest.

My own cat Dylan developed weird lumps on his eyelids about 2 months ago, I brought him in to see Hetty and he was indignantly subjected to many tests. But the results all came back inconclusive, so Hetty put Dylans information into an ophthalmic forum with pictures and details of his test results and several suggestions were made from experienced vets around the world. So it was a trial and error situation. Dylan had to endure twice daily warm eye baths, held on both eyes for 2 minutes each. Thankfully he’s a very chilled boy and forgave us quickly after a small handful of treats.
We stand united as a profession and together we offer a high level care for our pets around the world and we want to keep it that way.

BVNA President Sam Morgan said “BVNA are delighted to be involved with, and fully support, the ‘I support team vet’ campaign. Now is a really important time to stand up together, both professions, united over common issues. We both have animal welfare at the forefront of our minds and both professions need to work together to ensure this. Veterinary Nurses should be proud to stand up and be part of team vet!”  



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