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» Cool Cats - how to keep them that way

Cats are usually pretty awesome at not getting themselves in a hot pickle, but sometimes we have to intervene. Flea treatment sales have gone through the roof in the last couple of weeks with the hot weather, increasing chances of pets picking them up.

My cats are used to having biscuits down to graze from throughout the day, but they have wet food on demand. If your cats are anything like mine, they lick the jelly or gravy off and eat a little of the meat and then leave the rest. This then means in the hot weather that flies are going to be laying their eggs on the food within 10 minutes. The Surefeed microchip cat feeders are a great way to prevent this. As the cat approaches their bowl the cover opens allowing them to eat and as they walk away it closes again. Perfect for cats on different diets, owners with crawling children that might want a meaty treat and to prevent these dastardly flies.

Obviously make sure you never shut your cat or any other animal in a conservatory  - I've unfortunately seen the accidental results of this and it is heart breaking.

Did you know that cats with pale noses and ears can get sunburnt? I’ve seen several cats in my career with white ears that have got skin cancer and have to be removed. The cancer can also spread to other parts of the body if not picked up quickly enough. Applying animal sun cream is very important, failing that use a sensitive baby sun cream. Zinc oxide is in most sun screens’, ingesting a small amount is going to cause mild gastro-intestinal signs such as possibly vomiting and an upset tummy. Eating a lot is toxic, so be aware to put the bottle or tube somewhere where it can’t be chewed.

Occasionally cats seem to lay in the sun a bit too long and sometimes (although rarely) might get heatstroke. Heatstroke is a life threatening condition where the body can’t cool itself any longer. This can present itself with open mouth breathing (looking like your cat is panting), drooling, lethargy, collapse, vomiting and unconsciousness.
If you notice your cat has any of these signs spray him with luke warm water (cold water will send them into shock) and call us straight away.

I always put ice in my cats water bowls to cool that down and I also freeze cat milk into ice cubes and put them on a saucer, my boys love lapping up those as they melt! I also put extra bowls of water around the garden too so they’re never far from water – these usually serve wildlife too. Just remember to replace them daily.


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