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» Mature Cat Life Stage

7-10 years – Humans 44-56 years

Your cat at this life stage may not show any signs of ageing but you could start closely monitoring your cat by knowing what kinds of signs to watch out for!

Cats are very good at hiding problems and make it especially difficult to notice changes especially if they're anything like my cats who ignore the fresh water bowl and head straight for a dirty puddle. And who also do their business outside – this makes it very hard to monitor such things. If your cat does drink inside and you're worried they're drinking more you can always measure the water you put in the bowl and see if more is being drunk.

Usually by the time they are showing symptoms such as drinking more and urinating more the kidneys can be pretty poorly. At St. Anne's we believe in picking things up as soon as possible to try and get on treatment promptly. We recommend making an appointment with a vet if you see any of these symptoms. If your pet is over 8 years old and they seem ok in themselves, then why not book them in with one of our nurses for the 'older pet club'. I definitely put myself in the crazy cat lady category and hate to think of my boys as senior or geriatric but obviously I want to pick up any problems they might have as quickly as possible. We have a questionnaire on our website for you to fill in prior to the appointment and we will go through how things change as your cats get older. We will also give you a pot for a free urine sample (good luck with that!!) where we can pick up kidney problems before they're detected in blood. If there is a problem you will then get a discounted consultation with a vet. Diets and medication is available to help with kidney disease. We would also test the urine for diabetes. Diabetes also causes excess drinking and urinating, losing weight and they are usually pretty lethargic.

If you are worried about your cat or want some advice, please give us a call.

Menna Field

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