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» Missing pet? Heres what to do!

What do you need to do when your pet goes missing? It’s an extremely difficult and stressful time when a pet goes missing. If your pet has gone missing at home make sure you fully check the property, including behind doors and under beds. Check your garden thoroughly and any sheds and out houses. Check in cupboards and in lofts, if you have had the ladder down and they could have snuck up there. Call and then listen. In the case of my cats one got shut in a neighbours stable and the other decided to walk into another neighbour’s house and got shut in a spare room for 2 days!

I would ask neighbours to have a check in their houses and sheds etc, my Dylan is very partial to sardine sandwiches which my neighbour has for lunch on occasions!! So, knock on doors and make flyers to put through peoples doors and to put up on lamp posts. If your pet is microchipped then contact the microchip company to let them know that your pet is missing. Having your pets microchipped is so important, even for indoor cats. We get more than 100 stray cats get brought in each year.

Contact us! Contact your vets and other vets in the area so they can log that your pet is missing and see if they have been brought in a pet fitting the description. We are very lucky to have Rosie and her Register in this area, she holds a huge register of all lost and found cats in the area and has a pretty good success rate at reuniting the cats with their owners.

Place some of your clothes outside for your pets to smell the scent of. If your cat has a used litter tray you can place that outside as it is said that can help them find their way home. Try walking around the area and calling them to see if they will come and alert people you meet along the way that your pet is missing.

There are so many lost and found pages on facebook and other social media platforms now and it’s a really great way to hit a lot of people. Often sharing stray cat posts on St. Anne’s facebook page can reach 30,000 people. So share a picture of your pet and details of where they went missing from. You will find people very willing to share and help you find your missing pet.

There are several companies that will help you with your missing pet including Animal Search UK which will help you out for free, adding your pets details to their website and they have an 80% success rate.

If you think your pet has been stolen then you should definitely call the police.
Having a pet go missing is an extremely scary time but we are here to help, please do not hesitate to call and one of our nurses or receptionists will be happy to guide you.


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