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» What is the St. Anne's Pet Healthcare Plan and what will I save?

Do you give your pet regular worming and flea treatment and get them vaccinated each year? If so then signing up for the pet healthcare plan is a no brainer. Spreading out the cost of looking after your pet and saving money in the process! So how much is it going to set you back? Well.....

Small dog (under 10kg) £11.00 per month – 35% saving

Medium dog (10-25kg) £12.00 per month -33% saving

Large dog (26-40kg) £15.50 per month -28% saving

Giant dog (41-60kg) £24.50 per month -23% saving

Cat £11.00 per month – 35% saving

Rabbit £7.00 per month -32% saving

What’s included in the price is the annual health check and booster, 6 month health check with a vet, 12 months worth of flea treatment  and worming treatment and 2 free nail clips at the point of booster or 6 months health check.

You also get 10% discount on microchipping,, neutering, dental work, pet food and waiting room sales, additional vaccines (kennel cough and rabies), PETS passport scheme, well-pet in-house blood and urine tests, additional parasite control and nurse clinics.

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You might ask why we do well-pet bloods and urine, well if possible it’s nice to see what the animals base line is when they’re well. When taking a sample when the animal is poorly and some of the results might be bordering on high, we won’t know if there has been much change without a baseline. Some animals might normally be on the lower end of normal, some smack bang in the middle and some at the higher end of normal. So it’s something we would recommend to just give us more information in the future.

Your banking information is held by the company who deals with the direct debits and so it usually takes about 6 weeks to set up the direct debit and get the pet on the plan depending on when the plan is taken out. This can be speeded up by calling the company directly and making the first payment over the phone, do feel free to ask us for help.

For the month of May Simply Health is donating £1 for every pet healthcare plan that is taken out, which is an extremely worthy cause.

The plan has taken off very well because the savings are obvious and spreading out the cost of preventative care is very helpful.

If you want more information or to download a form to sign up for the plan click here or call us on 01323 640011.

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