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» Welcome to 2019

What can you expect from St Anne’s in 2019? Well, things have been very busy but we are still busy planning things to fulfil one of our core values, education. We are planning to resume client education evenings this year and are in discussions with what subjects will hopefully be interesting to our clients and will enrich and benefit the lives of our furry friends.

You can expect the same high level of care, we have a great team and they’re always striving to provide the very best care. Implementing new protocols and pooling knowledge to be best and to provide the very best care that your pets deserve.
Raymund will be leaving St. Anne’s at the end of April after spending 21 years with us. We will be sad to see him go, along with Eddy. And I know lots of our clients will be sad too. Replacing Raymund as director will be the lovely Hetty, who joined us in 2006 and is already very popular with so many clients.

We have another vet joining our team in February so we’ll be introducing her very soon.
We are currently striving to be in the top 3 again for the Best UK Vets, this is achieved by our lovely clients scoring us 4/5 stars in reviews. We would like to thank all those who have reviewed us already, it really means so much!

Please remember in cold weather to make sure that pets have their paws washed and dried if walking through salty gritted areas. Rabbit’s should be ideally brought inside in cold weather or have lots of insulation around their hutch and have the front covered to prevent draughts, also give them more hay to snuggle in. Rabbits can get hypothermia very easily so it’s important to keep them as toasty as possible!

It is possible that cold or stray cats may climb inside the bonnet of your car whilst it’s still warm so please try to remember to ‘bump on the bonnet’ before turning the engine on. As someone who has seen these injuries first hand, it’s truly truly awful.

Antifreeze and de-icer, both items ethylene glycol which can kill animals, if you spill some when topping up your car, make sure to wash it away as soon as possible. I don’t like using de-icer on my car because I know cats walk up onto my car and if they get it on their paws and ingest it when cleaning it could be very dangerous. So it’s the old fashioned scrapper for me!!


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