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» The Yellow Dog Campaign

Some of you may have heard of the ‘Yellow Dog Campaign’ where owners whose dogs need space can let other dog owners know by wearing something yellow. If you have a dog who is worried about other dogs then taking them to a park for a walk can be stressful and cause anxiety for the dog and the owner. The ‘Yellow Dog Campaign’ encourages people to put a yellow ribbon on their lead, have a yellow lead, yellow bandana or yellow t shirt so people are able to see from a distance that that dog needs space.

The dog might need space because they are nervous or shy of other dogs, they could be a bitch in heat, a dog who is being rehabbed after a dog attack or bad experience, health issues such as pain or old and fragile. The dog also might be in training and so the owner doesn’t want distractions. This is not a sign that the dog is aggressive and should never be used for dogs that are aggressive.

Puppies being very bouncy and excited can often be too much for an older and nervous dog so it’s good to keep an eye out for yellow! Some people who are nervous of other dogs might display yellow in order to keep other dogs from approaching.

Some behavioural displays need help to change by working with a behaviourist to work through some of the dog’s issues. We encourage dogs that don’t like vets to come to their local surgery and just sit and have treats and cuddles and make it a non traumatic experience. If owners are willing to make the effort and take the time, I’ve seen so many dogs overcome fears.

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