Pet Owner Education Evenings

For the month of April we are doing a special deal on microchips for cats, unfortunately it's not a legal requirement for cats to be microchipped but that doesn't mean it's any less important. And last year we had 130 stray cats brought to us. Having a microchip placed is a lifetime investment and we'll be doing it for only £10. Older cats can become senile and are often brought in looking confused, so a cat is never too old to have a chip. Indoor cats are just as important to chip, many indoor cats manage to get out by accident and are usually more nervous than cats that are used to going out and can be hard to catch.

In 2016 the Cats Protection League rehomed 43,000 cats! Thats a huge amount! We really want to help get more cats home in time for dinner! If your cats are like mine, they will hate being put in a basket and travelling in a car. So if you cat is due to come in between the beginning of April and the end of July then for any reason, just as a booster, prescription checks, dental etc then we will honour this price. All you have to do is pay for this in April and we'll do it when your cat comes in. You can do this by popping into one of our surgeries or give us a call and do it over the phone!

If you cat is already micropchipped, please make sure the details are up to date. This is a scenario that happens accross the country, we find a chip and are elated only to discover the details are not current!

If you want to book your cat in, you can request an appointment here or call 01323 640011.




RAW- Rabbit Awareness Week - Free health check and nail clip with a nurse


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