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Covid-19 update 22nd March

Re: Change in working patterns during Delay phase of COVID-19 pandemic.


We are facing difficult times and difficult choices. The relentless progression of the current Coronavirus pandemic has created a public health emergency that has changed our way of life completely. It is clear we are travelling down a path which will see many more people affected by this serious disease, with many more fatalities.

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Coronovirus Update


First and foremost we are open as usual. Your pet’s health and that of our staff are of utmost importance. In order to continue providing the usual level of care for our patients we would ask that you observe a few simple measures in order to help us reduce the risk of spreading

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Anniematters Summer 2019

Summer is upon us again and every year we see cases of heatstroke. Unfortunately dogs are being walked when it’s far too hot and we have treated heatstroke cases already this summer. Please walk them very early or very late unless it’s still too warm, in which case don’t walk them at all. There are loads of fun ways to keep your pets cool though, check out some of the ways on our Facebook page.

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Anniematters 2018

As the cold weather creeps in and we put our heating on, this creates the environment that fleas have been waiting for.  Not many people know that 95% of the fleas actually live in the environment, so if you have a heavy flea burden you will need to treat the environment too.

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More Time for you and your Pet

Starting in September we will be changing our standard appointment time from 10 to 15 minutes.

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Travelling abroad with your pet with a no deal Brexit

So much speculation is happening about Brexit and what is going to happen, will there be a deal, won't there?

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Palm Oil

Palm oil has been spotted on some of our local beaches so please...

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Alabama Rot

For those seeking more information about Alabama Rot/Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy

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Winter News and Tips

As the winter months appear and tortoises are sleeping soundly, here is a reminder to make sure that where your tortoises are spending their hibernation is rat proof. We have seen some fatal injuries to tortoises caused by rats attacking them in their sleep.

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Spring Anniematters 2016

We are very honoured to have been contacted by Vet Help Direct as we have been voted one of their top 25 practices in the UK! This is a result of the lovely reviews our wonderful clients have written about us on our website. We really appreciate the glowing and heartfelt words people have written about us. As a team, we thank you very much!


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Anniematters Autumn 2016

Did you know that you can book non-urgent appointments and request repeat prescriptions on our website? We know what it’s like, you remember things late at night so it’s nice to be able to take care of things whenever you want.

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Christmas Anniematters 2016

It's Christmas time again and this year we have decided to do a Christmas Quiz! Get answering our questions!

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Anniematters Winter 2019

Going for Gold!

At St Annes we love client reviews! For us our lovely clients are an extension of our team, helping us deliver the best vet care possible. Reviews help us to monitor our service and adapt when needed. Our preferred review site is Vet Help Direct, and every year they total up the positive reviews for each participating practice. This creates the Best UK vet Award and thanks to your reviews we do very well! Initially we were ‘Top 25’, then 3rd best for a bronze award, and last year we came 2nd and reached Silver!

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