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Anniematters 2018

As the cold weather creeps in and we put our heating on, this creates the environment that fleas have been waiting for.  Not many people know that 95% of the fleas actually live in the environment, so if you have a heavy flea burden you will need to treat the environment too. If you would like some information on what product would best suit your pet please call us and we’d be happy to help. There are products that kill the adult fleas and products that sterilise the fleas so when they lay eggs in the environment they cannot hatch, so we need to make sure we give you the right product.

Take care when using anti-freeze in your car this winter. It contains a liquid called ethylene glycol which if ingested by cats and dogs is highly poisonous and can be fatal if not treated quickly. If you spill any then please make sure you wash it away. Also be aware of using de-icer on your cars too as this contains the same ingredient. Cats may ingest this from licking their paws after walking over the car. Cats and other animals sometimes climb into the engines of cars that are warm so please ‘bump on the bonnet’ before starting your journey.

We would like to congratulate Laura Curtis and Hattie Dupraz on passing their final nursing exams and becoming Registered Veterinary Nurses. Also Jonathon Sibley and Abi Lloyd, trainee Veterinary Nurses,   have passed their second year exams and are now in their last year of their nursing training. Huge well done guys!

On the run up to Christmas we tend to see more cases of toxicity, with homes likely to be full of fruit cake, Christmas pudding, mince pies, chocolates and fatty food meant for humans (that can cause pancreatitis).  Then there are the decorations which pets sometimes consume which may lead to surgery to remove. As always it’s best to not have chocolate hanging from the tree with dogs around, glass baubles can shatter if knocked down by an inquisitive dog or cat. Poinsettias usually get a worse rap than they deserve, they can cause mild irritation to the mouth and gut if eaten but they aren’t seriously toxic. Not many people know the full effects of macadamia nuts; they can cause lethargy, increased body temperature, tremors, lameness and stiffness in dogs.

Further investment at St Annes

The practice continues to invest in the equipment available to the vets looking after your pets. We have recently upgraded and renewed our ultrasound scanning machine. With a bigger range of probes, improved resolution monitor and up to date processing speed we are able to achieve a much better image of our patients. This allows us to produce detailed images of internal organs like the liver, heart and bowel across a range of patient sizes. These better image make interpretation easier and more of our vets can get involved in these investigations.

The welcomes!

Rosie Day

I graduated in 2016 from Anglia Ruskin University with a degree in Veterinary Nursing in applied animal behaviour. Since then I have worked in an accredited small animal hospital before making the move to the south coast from my hometown in Cambridgeshire. With me came my cat, Nikki and my rabbit Joey. My nursing interests include nursing patients with complex medical conditions and anaesthesia, in which I hope to complete further qualifications.

Natalie Lewin

I qualified in August 2017 after completing my level 3 diploma in Veterinary Nursing at MYF College in Aldershot. I trained at a practice in Reading and have since moved down to the south coast and started at St. Anne’s in October 2017. I enjoy many aspects of Veterinary Nursing but have a keen interest in caring for the hospitalised patients and nurse clinics. I have one Cocker Spaniel cross named Riley and in my spare time I love to go on walks and explore new places with him.


Poppy Holbrook

I qualified in 2014 and joined St. Anne’s as a locum nurse in 2015 but loved it so much I never left! I am now a full time member of the St. Anne’s nursing team. I have two dogs called Pea and Kiwi and a cat called Eric. In practice I enjoy being a clinical coach, working with the student nurses and nursing the patients in the kennels. Out of work I like festivals and walking my dogs.

Joe Curzon

I am absolutely delighted to be part of the team here at St. Anne's as I have wanted to work with animals since I was 4. Life got in the way and I spent many years working in retail management and was also able to achieve a qualification in Graphic Design. However, animal welfare remains my true passion and put my whole heart into helping take care of our clients and their pets every day. I started as a receptionist here but I am now St. Anne’s first ever Animal Nursing Assistant, helping the nursing team in our hospital.

Lizzie Darwent

I studied at the Royal Veterinary College in London, during which time I enjoyed many student placements at St Annes. I graduated in 2016 and joined the practice in April 2017 after working in a small animal vets in Hastings. I enjoy all aspects of general practice but am keen to advance my skills in diagnostic imaging. I have two dogs called Poppy and Jessica who I enjoy walking in the countryside in my spare time.

Katie Webb

I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse at St. Anne’s in 2009, In 2013 I left to have my son and then a daughter two years later and have recently returned to work part time. At home I have a rescue cat called Brian and two rescue rabbits called Robyn and Lilly.

Becca Taylor

I joined the practice in 2018 after qualifying from the Royal Veterinary College in London. I am originally from Eastbourne, I loved living in London but am very happy to be back with my family and friends. I am currently enjoying the variety of species and problems that small animal practice has to offer but would love to study further in cardiology or orthopaedics. Outside of work I try to train my mad 5 month old Golden Retriever Merlin. We do lots of walks, visit new cafes and pubs when we can. During the summer I love to make the most of the sea and kayak, swim, paddle board and surf. I love to explore new places and have particularly enjoyed travelling round Italy and the South of France.

The goodbyes

Nirina Wijsman

Hi everyone,
Sadly I have decided to leave St. Anne's, it is time to seek greener (or flatter?) pastures back home in the Netherlands. I have so enjoyed working here in lovely Eastbourne. I have met lovely people in the form of colleagues and clients, and of course also many lovely pets. It will be really hard to leave all that behind, but it is time to go back to my Dutch family and friends!
All the best, Nirina

Olly Williams

I've been with St. Anne's for just under 2 years and have loved working with such a friendly, compassionate and dedicated team. In that relatively short space of time I have seen huge changes, including the refurbishment at St. Anne's Road and the introduction of Vets Now emergency clinic on site. The only reason I am leaving St Anne's is to complete a rotating internship at the Royal Vet College. This will allow me to work alongside specialists at a cutting edge referral centre and hopefully improve me as a clinician in all areas of veterinary. I have met many amazing people since I have been at St. Anne's (both staff, clients and pets!), and I definitely plan to keep in touch.


We are extremely delighted and honoured to have come 3rd in the UK Best Vets with Vet Help Direct, this is purely from the positive reviews from our wonderful clients, so that is 3rd out of 2500 practices in the UK. We couldn’t be happier! So thank you for all of the wonderful reviews, it really means so much to read each and every one of them.  If you would like to leave us a review you can click the link in this email.

Thank you to everyone that joined us on 29th July for our Grand Open Afternoon, we had a great time and got some great feedback and managed to raise £328.35 for Tristan’s Pawprints. Tristan’s Pawprints was set up by Tristan’s wife and family, the charity will be improving the life of dogs across the UK.

Most of you will have heard about the loss of dear Tristan a year ago, we would just like to thank people for all of the lovely words we received for us and his family, it was a huge shock and we are all missing him terribly. Tristan was such a big hearted and caring person who adored animals and would have made a wonderful Veterinary Nurse. We will honour him by continuing to give the best care to our patients; he will forever be remembered by us at St. Anne’s.

We would like to wish all of our lovely clients at St. Anne’s and their pets a wonderful and safe Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!


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