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Covid-19 update 22nd March

Letter to Clients March 23rd


Sunday March 22nd


To all clients of St Annes,


Re: Change in working patterns during Delay phase of COVID-19 pandemic.


We are facing difficult times and difficult choices. The relentless progression of the current Coronavirus pandemic has created a public health emergency that has changed our way of life completely. It is clear we are travelling down a path which will see many more people affected by this serious disease, with many more fatalities. The ‘delay phase’ of the international response to the disease is to limit spread of the virus to reduce the number of cases to a more manageable level. The concepts of ‘self-isolation’ and ‘social distancing’ are being employed as a means to control the disease.


Today we have acknowledged that it is the right time to stop carrying out routine work that could be safely deferred until the end of the delay phase. We will continue to see appointments at all our branches, but the number of appointments will be reduced, and you may not be able to see the vet of your choice. Rest assured we will always see a pet that is unwell, in pain, has a condition that will get worse without treatment or a pet that needs regular treatment to stay healthy. There is further guidance to which appointments we are delaying at the end of this letter.


At the same time, we will introduce further practical measures to keep contact between pet owners and our dedicated team to a minimum. When attending the practice, we ask that you inform reception of your arrival for an appointment either with a wave or a phone call. Please do not enter the waiting room. When we are ready for you a nurse will come and collect your pet. The vet will then call you on the phone to take a history. We will examine your pet and make a treatment plan that we will discuss by phone. If we need you to enter the building to collect medicines, sign a consent form, or pay a bill, we would ask that you maintain a distance from our colleagues on the desk and that you do so one at a time. Please always pay by card not cash.


Routine appointments that we would suggest can be delayed:

  • Adult animal booster vaccinations – if your pet subsequently requires a vaccine ‘top up’ then we will cover any additional costs.
  • Pre-neutering checks or surgery unless there is a boy and girl in the house.
  • Routine wellness checks, nail clips, weight checks.
  • Dental checks or dental procedures unless the animal is in pain or shows symptoms
  • Medical checks for ongoing medications unless there is a change in the animals condition.


In all cases we would advise you to get in touch so we can help you to decide if the appointment and journey is necessary for your pet’s welfare.


Simon, Aled and Hetty.


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