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Winter News and Tips


As the winter months appear and tortoises are sleeping soundly, here is a reminder to make sure that where your tortoises are spending their hibernation is rat proof. We have seen some fatal injuries to tortoises caused by rats attacking them in their sleep.

If walking your dog on salted roads or pavements make sure their paws are washed thoroughly on return as the salt can actually burn their pads.

Colder weather can make animals arthritis worse. Please think about keeping older pets away from cold draughts and make sure they have soft, warm bedding to sleep on.

 As usual we will be running our “Give a Stray a Christmas Dinner” appeal where you can bring in food for cats, dogs etc. We then divide them up and give them to local charities so those animals can have something a little special for their Christmas dinner. Feel free to drop anything off to any of our branch surgeries.

Antifreeze is fatal to pets and is usually found more at this time of year. Make sure it is kept in a safe place. If it spills on the ground it is best to wash it away immediately as animals are tempted by the sweetness so keep a close eye out.

Before starting the engine in the cold months give your bonnet a bang in case a cat has crawled up into the engine space looking for somewhere warm to sleep.

Fireworks will still be going off right into the New Year. Remember there are natural ways in which we can help your pet through the firework season. Please give us a call on 01323 640011 and ask us what we can do to help.

We want to wish Nicole Russell and her Husband Eden a huge congratulations on the birth of their son Felix. He was born on October the 28th by C-Section weighing 6 pounds and 7 ounces.


We would like to wish all of our lovely clients and gorgeous furry friends a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

Aled, Simon and Raymund



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