Come and Have a Look Around Our Practice

Welcome to our main surgery in Eastbourne. Have a look around here and if you want to see more feel free to call and arrange a real inspection!

Reception & waiting room

You are welcome to "pop in" to any of our surgeries to ask our staff for advice, to weigh your pet, or to purchase from our selection of foods, health-care products and accessories. We will deliver orders of over £35 free of charge.



We stock over 500 items - including medicines, pet health care products, prescription diets, and lifestyle diets.

Having an on-site dispensary at each of our surgeries allows you to collect the correct drugs at the time of your consultation with the minimum of inconvenience.

We realise that when you have the worry of a sick pet this is helpful. Our dispensing staff are very willing to give advice on any of these products.


Consulting rooms

All of our surgeries are linked to each other by computers and all of our records are computerised.

This means that you may attend any surgery that is convenient for you but your records are up to date and available anywhere in the practice should your local branch be closed.



Our in-house laboratory produces blood results within minutes enabling rapid pre-anaesthetic checks or constant monitoring of your pet should the need arise. We have a daily courier service to transport other samples to an Independant Laboratory. These results are faxed back to us, usually on the same day. This enables more complicated blood tests or sensitivity testing to be carried out with the minimum of delay.


Pre-op prep room

This is a separate room where we induce anaesthesia and prepare the patient for an operation. With almost all of our patients being very hairy they need to be clipped prior to surgery, unless this is done away from the operating theatre there is an increased risk of contamination and infection.



This is where all of our surgical procedures are carried out. We use this room only for these surgical procedures, all other anaesthetics are performed elsewhere, preparation in the prep room, dentals in the dental room, and x-rays and ultrasonography in the x-ray room.


Dental Room

We offer a range of dental treatments from routine scaling and polishing to specialist endontics and orthodontics for improved oral hygiene. The bacteria involved with infected gums (gingivitis) causes bad breath but, more importantly for the health of your pet, enters the blood stream and can lead to damage elsewhere, notably your pet's kidneys and heart. It is, therefore, very important to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy. Our nurses and vets are happy to discuss with you how to keep your pet's mouth healthy.


Radiography room

We have a powerful X-ray machine and a digital image processor that enables us to produce consistent x-rays quickly. As most veterinary x-rays are taken with the pet sedated or anaesthetised, speedy and consistent x-rays are essential.

We also have Ultrasound, endoscopy, and blood pressure monitoring to hand to further investigate problems that are occurring deep inside your pet without the need for open surgery.



St Anne's has just invested in a new ultrasound machine, this machine is more powerful and can produce larger and much clearer images. It also has "colour doppler" so that blood flow can be shown, this is useful in for example, examining hearts to look at valve function. Ultrasonography can take place anywhere in the Practice, even in a consulting room. Here it is being used in the X-Ray room.

Ultrasonography is often used in conjunction with x-rays to aid diagnosis but has an advantage over x-rays as it can be performed without needing sedation or an anaesthetic, especially important in the older patient, as it gives moving images in "real time".



We use a small ECG unit that measures heart rhythm and rate. This is portable so that it can be used anywhere in the building, thus reducing the stress of taking the patient to a special area. Here it is being used in the kennels on an "in patient".


Hospital Wards

We have separate dog ward, cat ward, small furry ward and a totally separate isolation ward to prevent the spread of disease. This allows intensive medical nursing day or night. Our kennels are of stainless steel to ensure efficient cleaning, but all of our patients have cosy "sheep-skin" type vetbeds for comfort. We are very happy for clients to visit their pets if they are having to be hospitalised as we feel that this contact with their "mum & dad" speeds recovery. We will only hospitalise a patient if it is absolutely necessary. Pets are monitored pre & post anaesthesia by our Kennel nurse. We have a nurse station so that information can be collated, added to the pet's general clinical record or other in-patients records such as anaesthetic monitoring chart, hospital stay chart, or intravenous fluid usage chart.


Isolation kennels

All veterinary practices have occasions when stray animals are brought to them. It is not possible to know if these animals are incubating infections. St Anne's is large enough to be able to dedicate a separate kennel room to be used solely for these "potential risk" cases, thus keeping them away from clients' pets and preventing cross-infection.

You can see from the photograph that all bedding and equipment is colour coded to prevent cross infection.


Toys, Toys and more toys!

We keep a colourful range of fun toys, collars and leads. You are welcome to come in and browse. We stock shampoo's food bowls etc for cats, dogs and small furries.

We are very happy to try to source anything that we don't have in stock.


Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Pre-School takes place in our waiting room. This has the benefit of not only socialising the puppies but also they associate coming to the Practice with enjoyable experiences and are, therefore, less worried when they visit us in the future.



Puppies come in all sizes! Some parties are very popular