The Practice Facilities

The practice facilities give us immediate access to equipment and tests that allow a speedy diagnosis of your pet when unwell. In most cases we are able to offer medical or surgical solutions to those problems using our own facilities. In modern veterinary practice there is an array of specialist centres we can refer to for more advanced treatments or investigation of more complex disorders.

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Computerised records

All consulting rooms, including those at branch surgeries are linked to the main computer at St. Anne’s, allowing instant access to your pet’s records at any time. This allows you to attend whichever surgery is most convenient to you. The computer system enables detailed, itemised invoices to be generated after each consultation.

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Dental station

Our advanced dental equipment allows us to offer a range of treatments from routine scaling and polishing to endontics and orthodontics for optimum oral health.

dental surgery


Diagnostic aids

Fibre-optic endoscope, ECG machine, Blood pressure monitoring, binocular microscope, slit lamp bio microscope and digital tonopen – are all available in the practice.

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Diagnostic imaging

Our modern X-ray facility now utilises digital technology to create superb quality diagnostic images which are securely stored and accessible throughout the practice, including at branch surgeries. Radiographs can now be shared more easily with specialists to give your pet access to the best available services. Our diagnostic ultrasound machine provides complementary imaging information and is essential in the explanation of cardiac and abdominal diseases.

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We keep in stock over 500 items including medicines, pet healthcare products, and prescription and lifestyle diets. We are able to dispense prescribed medications immediately in most circumstances. Non-stock items can be ordered for next day delivery when required.

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Hospitalisation facilities

This consists of a main ward with dog, cat and small mammal areas and a totally separate isolation ward. A nurse is dedicated to the pre and post operative care of your pet. When required we can provide intensive medical care with duty nurses for day and night nursing and supervision.

 veterinary hospital



The St Anne’s practice laboratory contains state of the art ‘cage-side’ equipment. This gives us immediate access to vital information about your pet and a fast turnaround of results for your benefit. A daily courier service gives us rapid access to an outside laboratory for more comprehensive investigations.

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Safe anaesthesia

At St. Anne’s we feel it is essential to provide sufficient staffing levels to ensure each anaesthetised pet has a dedicated nurse whose only task is to monitor the patient while asleep. With the help of modern anaesthetic drugs and monitoring equipment we strive for the safest anaesthesia available. All our dogs and cats undergoing anaesthesia have an indwelling intravenous cannula placed to allow for rapid administration of drugs and fluids during anaesthesia. All patients are provided with comprehensive pain relief to aid quick recovery from surgical procedures.

veterinary anaesthetic


Surgical Suite

We have a fully equipped operating theatre for sterile procedures and a separate preparation room where your pet is made ready for surgery. This enables us to perform routine and complex procedures with the minimum risk of infection to your pet.

veterinary theatre - operation