Up-to-date news on our refurbishment. Follow our journey in our 70th year, making us Eastbourne's longest standing vet.

This year marks our 70th Anniversary, making us Eastbourne's longest standing vets and proudly independant. Coming to St. Anne's is a bit of a family affair with us having up to 4 generations of the same family entrusting us to take care of their pets. 

This year we decided to invest in our surgery and have a complete refrubishment. We will still be working and operational throughout this endevour although there will be some changes as the builders work around us. 

We will continue to deliver on our core values as always. Whilst work is being done on the waiting room area we will be moving the practice entrance to the green door currently used by staff. The offices at the front will become the waiting room and and we'll have a consult room on that level and one the next level down too which will involve stairs. 

 Currently (last week in July) the garage roof has come off and work is being done to the rear of the practice. The client carpark has moved from down the side and to the rear of the practice to being 2 doors down to the right of the practice (as you stand looking at the practice).
These are the plans of what the practice should look like once finished:
 st annes vets
st annes vets
There will be seperate dog, cat and rabbit kennels with glass doors so we will be able to see our patients the entire time but without them having to smell each other and keep disturbing noise to a minimum.
We will be posting regular pictures of the work and whats happening so please check back regularly or check out our page on Facebook.
Find our more about the history of St. Anne's over the last 70 years here.
Here are some pictures throughout the history of St. Anne's, you might recognise some younger looking staff in these!

st annes vets